Gathering Tatuis 2014

Foto Gathering Tatuis 2014

Suasana Pabrik Tatuis

Foto Suasana Pabrik Tatuis

Hajj Edition 2014

Foto Hajj Edition 2014

Mukena Edisi Haji Bersama Nuri Maulida

Foto Mukena Edisi Haji Bersama Nuri Maulida

Promo BSM

Foto Promo BSM

Ikuti Seminar Pra Nikah

Foto Ikuti Seminar Pra Nikah

Shiva 027

Foto Shiva 027

Tiara 114 Merah

Foto Tiara 114 Merah

Seminar Pra Nikah

Foto Seminar Pra Nikah

Beuty in Tatuis from Beirut foto Reef Zain

So I figured I’d cut my quarter life crisis short – my absence explained – to write a review about some products I had received from an Indonesian brand called Tatuis – first I’d like to say kudos for that name, very simple, very elegant which goes hand in hand with the brand’s products: Simple… Read more »